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FREE QUICK QUOTE features the best venues in New York City. If you are an event planner, wedding planner, meeting planner, public relations executive, marketing director or corporate decision maker this is the best resource to use. is a useful tool for planning corporate events, holiday parties, business luncheons/dinners, meetings, charities, bar/bat mitzvahs, and weddings in New York City. Find the perfect new york event space or private venue without the hassle. Our events staff are experts in all aspects of new york event planning whether your planning an event for 20 or 2000 (small or large event).

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Featured Venues

Lighthouse, Conference Center & Theater

15,000 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 2000+

Cocktail: 10 - 300

Seated: 10 - 300


Bowlmor Lanes Times Square/

Bowlmor Lanes Times Square

90,000 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 1500-2000

Cocktail: 1,500+

Seated: Varies



10,000 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 500-1000

Cocktail: 1,200

Seated: 600


Raymi Restaurant

8,000 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 100-250

Cocktail: 275

Seated: 110




15,000 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 1000-1500

Cocktail: 1,000

Seated: 500


Stanley Kaplan (Lincoln Center)

2400 sq. ft.

Seated: 180


The Carlton Hotel

2250 sq. ft.

Seated: 130



3,500 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 250-500

Cocktail: 250

Seated: 150


Upstairs at Kimberly

3000 sq. ft.

Seated: 100




4,000 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 250-500

Cocktail: 275

Seated: 180


Luna Park in Coney Island

4,000 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 250-500

Cocktail: 500

Seated: 300


The Todd English Food Hall/

The Todd English Food Hall

9,500 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 250-500

Cocktail: 300

Seated: 200




4,000 sq. ft.

Total Capacity: 250-500

Cocktail: 50-250

Seated: 100-130


New York Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Fundraisers, and Corporate decision makers use online resources to book tons of events annually.

With millions of annual events around the world, events can be a multibillion dollar field!   Research in the area has indicated that over $500 billion dollars on average is spent every single year on special events.   Special events account for 30% of hotel industries income.  These events include everything from corporate meetings, product launches, weddings, bar mitzahs, birthday celebrations, and more! New York is a great place for these events!
 Join New York City top corporate event planners and decitionmakers and use our online resource to find New York City’s top event spaces, restaurants, hotels, lofts and much more. Find the perfect  venue for your special event.